Y-fa : Y-firm of architects
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    LMK2-511 3-8-2 Kudan-minami Chiyoda-ku
    Tokyo Japan 102-0074
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    Nanyodo Bookshop Bldg. 5F 1-21 Kanda Jinbo-Cho
    Chiyoda-Ku Tokyo Japan 101-0051
    (Bookshop business hours: 11:00-19:00 Monday to Saturday)
T: +81 3 6802-9975    
F: +81 3 6802-9976    
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    Yutaka Inaba principal / architect        
    197212 born in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Pref. Japan.
    198803 Graduated from Mabori Junior High School.
    199103 Graduated from Yokosuka-Ohtsu High School.
    199603 Graduated from Dept. Architecture,
Yokohama Nat. University.
    199705-199912 Gin + Designworkshop @ Singapore
  (principal: Ang Gin Wah)
    200001- freelance architect
      200203-200303   Architect cafe @ Tokyo (principal: Mikio Tai)
    200811 Est. Y-fa: Y-firm of architects
   2005 GKT*, SRIF(phase-I)*
   2006 GNJ*, GSC*, GTW*, GTF*, AH
   2007 GAC*, GKH*, GWS*, SRHL*, SRCP*
SRUS*, SRIF(phase-II), GTM*, GEE*
   2008 SRSA*, GSS*, GFF*
   2009 NFT, TMHS
   note project name with * is
collaboration with MOMO.Co.,Ltd.

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